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Child Rights

delhi new delhi, New Delhi

In India, child rights, protection of children from abuse and exploitation are intimately linked to poor socioeconomic conditions. The question arise here that whose responsibility is it to ensure the safe, protective and caring environment that every child deserve? Individuals especially the family can play a vital role in ensuring and protecting the rights of […]


delhi new delhi, New Delhi

Menstruation is not a bad thing in women, but a normal physical process, on which there is a great need to talk openly. During this time, the importance of cleanliness and health also needs to be understood. Let's get rid of this superstition together. #menstruationmatters #Positiveperiods #MHM #breakthetaboo #G3S #G3SFoundation #Delhi



delhi new delhi, New Delhi

A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s love for students and focus on promoting education made United Nations declare his birthday (October 15) as ‘World Student’s Day’ in 2010. Hence, to pay tribute to the Great Hero, G3S Foundation in Collaboration with various organizations those are Golden Way Peace Foundation, Madad Ek Aas Foundation organized an event at Mahila […]

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Session

delhi new delhi, New Delhi

#MenstrualHygieneAwarenessSession If girls and women are to live healthy and productive lives, with dignity, menstrual hygiene must be given a priority. In many areas, there is complete neglect of menstrual hygiene due to low awareness levels and lack of access to sanitary products. Under the umbrella of G3S Foundation, team have choosen another slum in […]


Menstruation is a natural sign of health

delhi new delhi, New Delhi

Menstruation is a natural sign of health, not an 'incident' to be shamed!! 🌸 Most of the girls in India are unable to play or rather leave their house during their menstruation. Lack of knowledge, awareness and support of their parents lead to school misses, mostly one week a month. It was not only affecting […]